Bayside Marketplace

176 Foot Ferris Wheel Approved For Miami's Bayfront Park

Bayside Ferris Wheel

A 176 foot ferris wheel has been approved by the Miami Planning and Zoning Board to be located Bayfront Park.

The ferris wheel would be near SkyRise Miami and feature LED lights on the outside of the wheel. It would also have 42 enclosed pods for a ride that would take 15 minutes.

A 650 foot ferris wheel that would cost $350 million was also proposed back in December 2014.

The plan is the have the ferris wheel operating before the Super Bowl February 2020.

This Was Bayside Marina In 1990 - Before & After

Bayside Marketplace was completed in Bayfront Park in 1987 with a marina. The marina and marketplace has become a popular tourist spot with its vicinity to the American Airlines Arena. Bayside Marketplace will undergo renovations and expansion in the near future.

General Growth Properties Hires Zyscovich Architects To Redesign Bayside Marketplace

Redesign of Bayside Marketplace (Image via Zyscovich Architects)

General Growth Properties has hired Zyscovich Architects to redesign the aging Bayside Marketplace in Downtown Miami. 

The renovation will include the retail and waterfront areas, along with adding two new levels of parking. SkyRise Miami will also be built next to the Bayside Marina.

Bayside Marketplace recently received a $250 million mortgage that will be used towards the renovations and expansion.

Bayside Marketplace Renovations To Start Early 2015

Bayside Marketplace

According to Miami Today, Bayside Marketplace will undergo the first phase of renovations in early 2015 that will take eight months.

In August, voters approved to extend the lease for 99 years and require that Bayside Marketplace spend up to $35 million on renovations on the aging outdoor mall. Included in the agreement was the go ahead to allow SkyRise Miami to be built on land next to the Marina.