South Pointe Pier Park

This Was South Beach In 1965 - Before & After

The photo on the top left is what South Beach looked like in 1965. The original pier was further North and remained until 1984. Behind the pier was the Miami Beach Kennel Club for dog racing that was built in 1926 before it was finally torn down in 1980. Today in 2016, the South of Fifth (SoFi) district of Miami Beach is an exclusive part of Miami with high rises and new condos such as One Ocean, Glass and Marea. The new South Pointe Park Pier was completed in 2014 after being closed for several years.

South Pointe Park Pier Set For Grand Opening Tonight

Entrance to South Pointe Park Pier

Entrance to South Pointe Park Pier

From 6pm to 8pm Miami Beach will have the grand opening for South Pointe Park Pier. 

The old pier had been closed since 2004 until city officials decided to build a new one to go along with the revised South Pointe Park that opened in 2009. 

The project cost $4.8 million and is a great spot to watch cruise ships come in and out of Port of Miami or to watch the sunrise.