This Was Downtown Miami In 1983 - Before & After

The photo in the top left is what Downtown Miami looked like in 1983. The Southeast Financial Center was under construction and on its way to becoming the tallest building in Miami at 765 feet. It was eventually surpassed by the Four Seasons Miami in 2003 and now the tallest building in Miami - Panorama Tower. Bayside Marketplace has not yet been built and the marina was where Sonny Crockett lived on his boat in Miami Vice. In 2017, the skyline has grown to include 50 Biscayne, Vizcayne, One Miami and even the iconic Miami Tower.

This Was The CenTrust Tower Under Fire During Construction

In August 1984, while under construction, the CenTrust Tower caught fire on the ninth floor. Unfortunately, construction was delayed for weeks, but able to open in December 1985.

Now named the Miami Tower, it has become one of the most iconic buildings in Miami and is predominantly featured in movies and TV shows. The tower lights up every night and can be seen from miles away.