Marquis Miami

Before The Marquis Miami There Was The Howard Johnson

Located at 1100 Biscayne Boulevard, the Marquis Miami is a 63 story condominium in Downtown Miami that was previously a Howard Johnson Hotel. Originally built in 1938 as a Howard Johnson restaurant and the first in Florida, the building would remain until 1963. It was demolished to make way for a new 7 story Howard Johnson Hotel with a mid-century modern look and a rare amenity at the time - a rooftop pool. The new hotel thrived due to its location on Biscayne Boulevard and the quick access to I-395 in Miami Beach, but by 2004 the hotel was renamed the Port of Miami Hotel. In 1999, the 44,240 square foot lot and property was purchased by Pelican Hotel LLC, which was a company under New York developer Shaya Boymelgreen, for $5,750,000. By August 14, 2005, the old Howard Johnson Hotel was demolished and construction began on the Marquis Miami and would eventually be completed by 2009. It would once call home to singer Drake and NBA player Mario Chalmers.