Abandoned Apartments Before it Was Broadstone Brickell Lofts

View of Brickell from an Apartment

View of Brickell from an Apartment

Before the construction of Broadstone Brickell Lofts in October 2013, the land that it occupied had several low rise apartments. 

The apartments sat empty for a few months where tenants left behind many items such as TV's, toys and furniture. The land was fenced before it was bought by Behringer Harvard in July 2013 for $21 million. 

They are now currently building the Broadstone Brickell Lofts in its place, which will be 8 stories and hold 421 units. 

Below are photos of the abandoned apartments taken in June 2013 and current construction photos of the site.

Current Construction Photos of Broadstone Brickell Lofts