Harlem Square Coming To Overtown

 Harlem Square Site in Overtown

Harlem Square Site in Overtown

Coming soon to the Overtown district of Miami is Harlem Square, which will be a Supper Club/Lounge. The site used to be the home of legendary promoter Clyde Killen that was built in 1925 and also used as a liquor store. 

Harlem Square will be a rebirth of the old Harlem Square Club that used to be in Overtown and where what is considered one of the best live albums, "Live, At The Harlem Square Club, 1963" was recorded. $1.2 million of CRA funds will be allocated for the project.

Located next to Harlem Square is the Streamline Moderne X-Ray Clinic of Dr. Samuel H. Jackson that was built in 1939. The X-Ray clinic was used by blacks in the area because of segregation and was used until 1972. The building was donated to the Black Archives History in 1981. 

With Harlem Square and the addition of a new Marcus Samuelsson restaurant, Overtown is poised for growth in the area.