Plans Revealed Of Swire Properties Proposed Brickell City Centre Expansion

Brickell City Centre Expansion Renderings

Brickell City Centre Expansion Renderings

Plans have been revealed by The Miami Herald of Swire Properties proposed expansion of Brickell City Centre, which includes two high rise condo towers.

The first tower and first expansion would have 588 residential units and be built on the site of the now demolished Tobacco Road on a lot size of 72,000 square feet. The first three levels will be retail. The development will be in partnership with Tobacco Road Property Holdings (Isanic Trading), which is owned by Colombian Developer Carlos Mattos who purchased the land for $12.5 million in April 2012. City approval for the first tower is expected by the end of the year with construction starting in 2020.

Designed by Arquitectonica, the first tower will be connected to the existing Brickell City Centre by two skybridges. 

The second expansion site, which will be a boutique tower on the site of the former Associated Photo buildings. The buildings were also purchased by Carlos Mattos for $9 million in August 2015. The second tower will be developed after the first tower.

Swire Properties also owns land just North of Brickell City Centre across from La Centrale where another condo tower was proposed in 2014. This site will be used for construction staging.

Updated: 7/16/18

First Expansion Tower: 54 story tower, 570 feet, 588 residential units, 89,130 square feet of commercial space, 839 parking spaces

Second Expansion Tower: 62 story tower, 654 feet, 384 residential units, 3,200  square feet of commercial space, 363 parking spaces