City View Garage

City View Garage To Open This Month In Design District

Design District Garage Next to I-195

Design District Garage Next to I-195

After months of construction, the City View garage will be ready to open this month that will add 559 parking spaces to the Design District. 

The Western side of the garage will feature the work of Leong Leong and the Eastern side will display the work of IwamotoScott. The exterior also features the work of John Baldessari named Fun Part 1 and Fun Part 2. 

Palm Court recently opened in December 2014 in time for Art Basel.

Previous photos of the City View garage can be seen here.


Photos Of Miami Design District City View Garage

City View Garage Miami

The Design District in Miami is rapidly changing with the addition of Dacra's expansion to the area. 

One of the those addition's is the City View Garage located next to I-195. Used mostly as a garage, but it will also include retail on the ground level, plus some office space. 

On the Southeast side of the garage is a façade created by IwamotoScott made of 1/8" painted aluminum.

The Western façade of the garage features the work of Leong Leong that will create foliage like patterns. 

Since we last looked at Palm Court, just east of City View Garage, the centerpiece has been added, which is Buckminster Fuller's 24 foot "Fly Eye Dome." Along with Sou Fujimoto's blue fin glass structure, Palm Court will add to the visual appeal of the expansion.