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TBT - A Closer Look At Sou Fujimoto's Palm Court In The Design District

Palm Court Under Construction In The Design District

Palm Court Under Construction In The Design District

TBT (August 19, 2014) - Palm Court was still under construction in the transforming Design District before eventually opening in December 2014. The Design District eventually expanded to include Paradise Plaza, which opened in May 2018.

Since we last looked at the Design District expansion, the area has progressed rapidly, especially Palm Court.

Part of the new development in the Design District is the addition of the Paseo Ponti walkway which will connect all the retail and restaurants between 38th St. to 42nd St. At the southern most tip of the Paseo Ponti walkway is the Palm Court. 

Palm Court will be a mixed used retail area that is highlighted by a two floor glass structure designed by Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto. The blue glass structure was inspired by waterfalls and Miami's rain. The glass fins will go from the rooftop all the way down to the courtyard floor and is visually stunning to look at. 

Along the the glass "waterfall," the centerpiece of Palm Court will be Buckminster Fuller's 24 foot "Fly's Eye Dome." The glass dome will sit atop a round opening that will lead people to the underground parking below all the retail shops.

On the second level of Palm Court will be a 5,000 square foot event space designed by Aranda/Lasch that will have folding hardwood doors to create an indoor/outdoor environment. 

Palm Court is expected to be completed by the end of 2014/early 2015.

Photos Of Paradise Plaza In The Design District At Night

Paradise Plaza at Night

Paradise Plaza at Night

As the Design District continues to expand with the addition of Museum Garage and Paradise Plaza, both places are equally as impressive at night. 

With colorful designs throughout Paradise Plaza such as the work of Freeland Buck, the colors pop at night with the right lighting. 

Officially opening in December 2017, more stores continue to open weekly in Paradise Plaza as the whole area is beginning to take shape compared to how it looked four years ago.

Photos Of The Design District Museum Garage At Night

Museum Garage at Night

Museum Garage at Night

As Museum Garage in the Design District will soon be opening for the public, the outside façade of the garage lights up spectacularly at night with the work curated by Terence Riley of K/R Architects and featuring the work of WORKac - "Ant Farm", J. MAYER H. - "XOX - (Hugs & Kisses), Clavel Arquitectos - "Urban Jam" and Nicolas Buffe - "Serious Play". 

Museum Garage is located across the street from the recently opened Paradise Plaza in the Design District.

A Look At The New Paradise Plaza In The Design District

Design District - Paradise Plaza

Design District - Paradise Plaza

Opening in December 2017 in time for Art Basel, Paradise Plaza is part of the growing expansion of the Design District that started with the addition of Palm Court.

Located along NE 41st street and next to the recently opened Museum Garage, Paradise Plaza features the work of Freeland Buck and stores such as Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana. 

Restaurants such as L’Atelier, La Boutique, Le Sushi, Le Bar, Ember and Kaido will be opening sometime this year.

A Look At The Almost Completed Design District Museum Garage

Museum Garage in Design District

Museum Garage in Design District

Nearly completed is the 7 story Museum Garage located in the trendy Design District of Miami. 

Museum Garage will feature the work of six different artists including Sagmeister & Walsh, Work Architecture Company, K/R Keenen Riley Architects, Clavel Arquitectos, J. Mayer H and Nicolas Buffe that was curated by Terence Riley of K/R Architects.

One of the more unique designs is called "Urban Jam" by Clavel Arquitectos that features 45 cars painted in silver and gold lining the façade of the South portion of the garage. 

Museum Garage, which will also have retail on the ground floor, is located only a couple blocks from City View Garage that opened in March 2015.

Hyde Midtown Neighborhood Discussion With Craig Robins

President and CEO of Dacra, Craig Robins, recently hosted a discussion about the development and future of the surrounding neighborhoods around Midtown. Robins noted the growing success of the area in large part to the international events and interesting talent taking stake in the neighborhood, such as Design Miami. In between the eye-catching colors of Wynwood and the high-end sartorial boutiques of the Design District, Midtown is young, transient, and full of potential. The energy and future of the neighborhood keeps affluent millennials here, as seen in developments such as HYDE Midtown.

The event was held at Hyde Midtown Suites and Residences, a joint venture between The Related Group and Dezer Development will include a collection of 60 Designer Suites and 410 luxury condominiums between Miami’s Design District and Downtown. Arquitectonica has designed the building and David Rockwell will finish the interiors with tech-minded, culturally fluent young professionals in mind. Condominium contracts are currently being accepted for the property, with the project slated to open in 2018. Sales are handled by Related Realty, in partnership with Fortune Development Sales.

City View Garage To Open This Month In Design District

Design District Garage Next to I-195

Design District Garage Next to I-195

After months of construction, the City View garage will be ready to open this month that will add 559 parking spaces to the Design District. 

The Western side of the garage will feature the work of Leong Leong and the Eastern side will display the work of IwamotoScott. The exterior also features the work of John Baldessari named Fun Part 1 and Fun Part 2. 

Palm Court recently opened in December 2014 in time for Art Basel.

Previous photos of the City View garage can be seen here.