Edge on Brickell

Edge On Brickell Requests For Taller Tower

Edge on Brickell Rendering

Edge on Brickell Rendering

The Edge on Brickell, designed by architect Kobi Karp, is seeking approval for a taller building on their site located on the edge of the Miami River, according to The Next Miami.

The 13,797 square foot lot was purchased for $18.3 million in July 2015. The new request would see the tower rise taller to 631 feet and 58 stories from the original 55 stories and 606 feet. 

A vacant sales center has been on the sitting on the site for over two years from the original developer. 

Renderings Of 53 Story The Edge On Brickell Revealed

The Edge on Brickell Rendering

The Edge on Brickell Rendering

Two lots in Brickell located on the Miami River at 39 and 55 SW Miami Ave were sold last year for $18.3 million and purchased by the entity Brickellview 3114 LLC

The previous owner, Rafael Aragones, planned on building a 55 story residential condo with 127 units called Edge on Brickell and even built a sales center on the site. However, those plans were abandoned with the sales of the two lots. 

Brickellview 3114 LLC revealed plans for a new building, now called The Edge on Brickell, according to SFBJ. The 53 story tower will have 70 residential units with 200 hotel rooms and 182 parking spaces. A restaurant will be located on the ground floor and a pedestrian walkway along the Miami River. 

The building will be designed by architect Kobi Karp.

Edge on Brickell Site Sells For $18.3M

Edge on Brickell Site in Red

A site located next to the Miami River has sold for $18.3 million, according to SFBJ. The two lots located at 39 and 55 SW Miami Avenue Road at 13,979 square feet was the location of the proposed condo Edge on Brickell. 

Edge on Brickell was supposed to be 55 story residential condo with 127 units developed by Rafael Aragones. A sales center was built on the site and is still currently there.

The buyer of the land is Brickview 3114 LLC managed by Gerardo Vezquez.

The land next to the site is also still for sale.

A Look At The Edge On Brickell Sales Center

Edge on Brickell Sales Center

After starting construction on the Edge on Brickell sales center in August, the building appears to be almost completed. 

Located at 55 SW Miami Avenue Road, the sales center is located on the edge of the Miami River where the restaurant Big Fish used to be. 

The outside of the building resembles what the North façade of the condo will look like designed by artist Jan Hendrix.

The Edge On Brickell Building Sales Center On Site

Construction On Sales Center Of The Edge On Brickell

Construction On Sales Center Of The Edge On Brickell

Workers are building what will be the sales center for the Edge on Brickell located at the former site of the Big Fish Restaurant.

The Edge on Brickell will be a 55 story 127 unit residential condo that will rise 631 feet on a plot of .34 acres. The project is being developed by Rafael Aragones. 

On the back of the building will be a 600 foot illuminated mural designed by Jan Hendrix.

No word on when construction will begin on the condo.