Millennium Developments

Millennium Developments Begin Demolition In Brickell

Millennium Developments of Brickell Site

Millennium Developments of Brickell Site

Demolition is underway in West Brickell on a site that was purchased by Millennium Developments of Brickell. 

Two buildings are being demolished on the site. One is a 10 unit apartment complex built in 1971 and the other is a house built in 1926.

Millennium Developments of Brickell originally purchased the Citgo gas station at 190 SW 8th Street for $9.25 million in June 2014. The remaining lots were purchased in February 2015 bringing the total price for the one acre site to $16 million.

The site is zoned for a 24 story building.

Millennium Developments Purchase One Acre Site In West Brickell For $16M

Land Purchased In Red In West Brickell

Alfredo Coto of Millennium Developments has purchased two lots South of the Citgo gas station, which he bought in May 2014 for $9.25 million, to bring the total investment on the one acre site for $16 million. 

The two lots purchased are located at 195 SW 9th Street and 161 SW 9th Street. The one acre site is approved for a 24 story building. 

 In July 2014, Coto bought land next to the Epic Hotel and Residences for $125 million

The Starlite Motel across the street recently sold for $25 million in December 2014