The End Of Scotty's Landing?

Scotty's Landing and The Chart House

On August 12th, 2015 Scotty's Landing in Coconut Grove was given 60 days notice to move out of the building in documents obtained by Crespogram. 

On October 12, The Grove Harbour Investment Group, led by Geraldo Leyva and Eduardo J Garcia plan on taking control of Scotty's Landing after years of legal battle over the site. However, this does not necessary mean that Scotty's will close right away after the 60 day notice. The Miami Herald states that, "the Grove Bay partners plan to operate some of the existing businesses for at least several months, which some believe is motivated more by existing profits than by a push to develop." 

The Grove Harbour Investment Group won the bid to develop the site, which will include restaurants, public pier, boat storage and restoration of the old Pan Am hangars. This was approved by voters in a November 2013 referendum and requires the group to invest $18 million into the site and $5 million into a parking garage. 

According to the Miami Herald, Commissioner Marc Sarnoff said, "he’s been told that the developer plans to begin some demolition before the end of the year, and start work on the marina in the first quarter of next year."