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Melo Group's Sushi Samba On Miami River Taking Shape

Sushi Samba Along Miami River

Sushi Samba Along Miami River

The 19,788 square foot three level building along the Miami River that will have a Sushi Samba and Duck & Waffle is progressing. 

The building, developed by Melo Group and designed by ITEC Design started construction earlier this year. The design of the building is supposed to be a play on lobster crates. 

Previous construction photos can be viewed here.

A Look At The Sushi Samba Restaurant On The Miami River

Melo Group's Sushi Samba on The Miami River

Melo Group's Sushi Samba on The Miami River

Quietly going up along the Miami River is Melo Group's Sushi Samba restaurant and three story building at SW North River Dr. 

After the project was announced in November 2014, construction began on the building earlier this year. 

Designed by ITEC Design, the 19,788 square foot building will be completed before the end of the year. 

Melo Group's Miami River Restaurant On 3rd Floor of Construction

Construction on the Miami River

Construction on the Miami River

Construction has started on Melo Group's new Miami River restaurant complex across from Flagler on the River. The current design differs from what was originally planned on the site

The building, designed by ITEC Design, will have 19,788 square feet of space and have three levels with a SushiSamba. The new design can be seen below.

21 Story Museum Club Proposed In Omni District

A 21 story building called Museum Club is proposed at 1598 NE 1st Ave, according to The Next Miami. 

The project will have 97 hotel rooms, spa, restaurant and mechanical parking garage. The building was designed by Itec Design.

New Building & Restaurants Coming To Former East Coast Fisheries Site

Site of the New Building on the Miami River

Site of the New Building on the Miami River

Melo Group is planning a second phase of Flagler on the River, which will be a three story 17,000 square foot building. 

According to Miami Today, included in the new building will be the restaurants SushiSamba and Duck & Waffle. Itec Design is the architect on the project. 

The site is also located across the street from the East Coast Building, which is undergoing construction.

The building still needs to be approved by city officials. Melo Group hopes to start construction in the next 6-8 months.