Miami River

Riverside In Brickell Set To Open Later This Month

The 120,000 square foot Riverside In Brickell is set to open at the end of the month as construction is underway at the site.

Riverside in Brickell will have a capacity of 2000 people and have a 750 seat food hall with a Le Chick, Old Lisbon, Morgan's, Taco Gourmet, House of Pizza, and San Lorenzo. There will also be full service eateries, including Awa, an Asian concept, and a high-end steakhouse.

The site is located along the Miami River and across from Brickell City Centre.

TBT - Buildings & Houses Demolished At Miami River Site

The Pleasure Emporium Demolished

The Pleasure Emporium Demolished

TBT (July 6, 2015) - 4 years ago, the buildings that were located along the Miami River in Brickell were demolished to make way for 4 60 story towers called Miami River. The project is to be developed by Chetrit Group and designed by Kobi Karp.

The site is still vacant today.

After receiving approval from the Urban Development Review Board, demolition has begun at the Miami River site located just East of I-95 and along the Miami River.

The buildings on the site that were demolished include the Pleasure Emporium III, Sir Speedy and several single family homes. Currently Finnegan's on the River and a few boating stores remain on the site closest to the river and should be demolished soon. 

The Miami River site is part of the transformation of West Brickell and will be built in five phases of construction. 

Renderings of the project can be seen here.

Adler Group Reveals Plan For Miami Riverside Central site

Conceptual Plans For Miami Riverside Site

Adler Group has revealed conceptual plans to build an office tower and three other towers at the City of Miami's Miami Riverside Central site located at 444 SW 2nd Ave, according to Miami Today.

Designed by Nichols Brosch Wurst Wolfe & Associates, the site would have 36,177 square feet of ground floor retail, 100 public parking spaces and a landscaped public riverwalk. There would also be a 8,963-square foot hotel lobby, 35,145 square feet of amenity decks on three of the buildings and  13,087 square feet of office space. 

The Miami City Commission must approve a referendum for the November ballot that would would allow the City of Miami to approve a lease or sale to Adler Group in return for a new office building.

Miami Riverside Center Could Go To Vote In November

Miami Riverside Center

A deal to swap Miami Riverside Center, located a 444 SW 2nd Ave could go to vote in either August or November of this year, according to Miami Today.

The City of Miami has outgrown the building and is looking to sell the building in return for a developer to build a new office for the City elsewhere. 

Miami Riverside Center was initially for sale in August 2015.

In July 2016, Adler Group won a bid to replace Miami Riverside Center with Nexus Riverside Central, that would have two 36 story rental towers with 900 units, 150 hotel rooms and 20,000 square feet of retail/restaurant space. 

Adler Group also owns 1.6 acres of land next to Miami Riverside Center, which they purchased for $14.25 million in February 2016.

This Was Brickell Key In 1985 - Before & After

The photo on the left is what Brickell Key looked like in 1985 and on the far right you can see the Miami Tower under construction. In 1975 the island was completely empty and barren after developing from dredging of the Miami River. By 1985 one condo had been built on Brickell Key and the Brickell skyline was becoming lined with condos. By 1999, the island had grown even more with more condos, but the Mandarin Oriental was not built yet. The photo on the top right is what Brickell Key and Downtown Miami look like today. Brickell Key is almost fully developed and the Brickell skyline is no longer visible except for the Four Seasons and Icon Brickell. 

Aston Martin Residences Sales Center Nearly Complete

Aston Martin Residences Sales Center

Aston Martin Residences Sales Center

The Aston Martin Residences sales center is nearly complete at 300 Biscayne Boulevard Way in Downtown Miami located along the Miami River. 

The sales center should be opening next month and they have already received a $2.3 million Vulcan that will be displayed in the building.

The 66 story condo is requesting FAA approval to build 820 feet above ground.

Edge On Brickell Requests For Taller Tower

Edge on Brickell Rendering

Edge on Brickell Rendering

The Edge on Brickell, designed by architect Kobi Karp, is seeking approval for a taller building on their site located on the edge of the Miami River, according to The Next Miami.

The 13,797 square foot lot was purchased for $18.3 million in July 2015. The new request would see the tower rise taller to 631 feet and 58 stories from the original 55 stories and 606 feet. 

A vacant sales center has been on the sitting on the site for over two years from the original developer.