Jimbo's Place

Jimbo's Place - Before & After

Jimbo's Place Before It Was Demolished

Jimbo's Place Before It Was Demolished

Jimbo's Place was a famous open air beer and fish bar that was located on Virginia Key. It was an eclectic place with colorful shacks and where locals could relax to get away from the pretentious South Beach vibe.

It's previous place had been on the waterfront in Miami where the Miami Herald Building is being torn down.

After being kicked out of his Miami waterfront spot where Jimbo has a shrimp operation, he relocated to Virginia Key in 1954 where the City of Miami gave him land, lease free.

Many TV shows and movies have been filmed there including Miami Vice, Dexter, Flipper, 2 Fast 2 Furious and Wild Things. Esquire Magazine even voted it one of the best bars in America.

Jimbo's owner, Jim Luznar, allegedly sent a letter to Mayor Tomas Regalado saying he was giving the land back to the City of Miami in April 2012. Since then, family squabbling between the siblings threatened to close the place for good, which eventually happened in May 2012.

The City of Miami kicked out the remaining people living there. The City of Miami demolished all of the shacks and towed away the buses and cars left behind.

Now the place is completely covered with new grass with a no trespassing sign in front. 

Nothing remains and looks as if nobody had been there for the over half a century.

Before Photos - March 2012

After Photos - October 2012