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Maizon at Brickell Construction Updates

Maizon at Brickell

Maizon at Brickell

After going vertical at the beginning of the year, Maizon at Brickell has now reached the 11th floor of the 24 story rental in West Brickell. 

The tower portion on the South side of the building is starting to rise and when completed will have 262 rental units.

Previous construction photos of Maizon at Brickell can be viewed here.

Muze at Met Square Construction Photos

Muze at Met Square

Muze at Met Square

The under construction 43 story Muze at Met Square is getting closer to completion since we last looked in November 2017. 

Originally called Avant at Met Square, the name has changed to Muze at Met Square. 

With 391 rental apartments in Downtown Miami, Muze will also have SilverSpot movie theater in the building along with restaurants and retail. 

Construction started August 2015 and topped off June 2017.

Previous construction photos of Muze at Met Square can be viewed here.

Solitair Brickell Set To Open Soon

Solitair Brickell

Solitair Brickell

The 50 story Solitair Brickell is almost completed and ready to open. 

Developed by ZOM Living and designed by Stantec, Solitair Brickell was inspired by a medjool palm tree. With the façade of the building lit up at night, the jagged edges of the building stand out along 8th Street.

The parking garage on the site was demolished June 2015 and the building topped off May 2017.

Photos of Solitair Brickell since the beginning of construction can be viewed here.

Maizon at Brickell Starting To Go Vertical

Maizon at Brickell Site

Maizon at Brickell Site

The 24 story Maizon at Brickell is now going vertical in West Brickell.

With 262 rental units, Maizon at Brickell was approved by Miami's Urban Development Review Board in October 2016 and demolition of the houses on the site began in June 2017. 

Maizon at Brickell is being developed by ZOM Living and designed by MSA Architects.

Avant at Met Square Construction Photos

Avant at Met Square

Avant at Met Square

Construction is progressing at Avant at Met Square since we last looked June and the 43 building just topped off. 

Construction began on the building in August 2015 after being delayed over the discovery of an ancient Tequesta village on the site.

Previous construction photos of Avant at Met Square can be viewed here.

Solitair Brickell Construction Updates

Solitair Brickell on SW 8th Street

Solitair Brickell on SW 8th Street

Since topping off in mid-May, Solitair Brickell continues to make progress on the 50 story building in Brickell.

The back of the exterior is almost done being painted and the balconies are nearly installed. The rooftop pool and deck are starting to take shape with the palm trees being planted. The crane is also on its way down.

Previous construction photos of Solitair Brickell can be viewed here.