Inside the Abandoned Brickell Car Wash Concept

The Car Wash Conveyor Belt

The Car Wash Conveyor Belt

While workers clear out the site to build a Walgreens in Brickell, the lot was previously used as a car wash, called the Car Wash Concept. 

Located at 250 SW 7th St., the car wash was built and opened in 1999. For seven years the car wash was functioning and operating before it was finally closed in June 2006. When you walked around the building, all the calendars were open on June 2006 and it felt as if you were back in time. Surprisingly, despite sitting empty for so long, many vandals and graffiti artist were not in the building. There were many cobwebs and a lot of the stuff looked as if it was untouched since they left it in 2006. 

Walgreens purchased the lot this year and exactly eight years since it closed, the building was torn down in June 2014. 

Below are photos and a video of the building.