TBT - Future Site Of Aria On The Bay

Site Of Aria on the Bay

Site Of Aria on the Bay

TBT (August 29, 2014) - Before the 53 story Aria on the Bay was built in Edgewater, a 6 story apartment complex was on the site that was eventually torn down. Demolition began on the building September 2014. Aria on the Bay was eventually completed in May 2018.

Aria on the Bay will be located in the emerging Arts & Entertainment district of Miami at 1770 North Bayshore Drive.

Developed by Melo Group and designed by Arquitectonica, Aria on the Bay will be a 53 story tower with 647 residential units. 40,000 square feet will be offered for retail, commercial and office space. The building will offer views of Biscayne Bay, Miami Beach and Margaret Pace Park is right in front. 

Currently the tenants of the previous buildings have been evacuated, but demolition has not yet started on the old apartment buildings. Homeless have been living in the evacuated apartments. 

According to exMiami, construction will not begin until February 2015 and construction is expected to be completed by 2016.

TBT - Inside The Abandoned House At 622 South Miami Avenue

622 South Miami Avenue House

TBT (March 26, 2015) - This house built in 1920 was located behind Tobacco Road and was used as a rental. After Tobacco Road was demolished in November 2014, this house was torn down soon afterwards in the Spring of 2015. Soon to rise in this spot will be the Brickell City Centre expansion where a 54 story and 62 story condo will be built.

Located at 622 South Miami Avenue, this house was built in 1920 next to Tobacco Road, when the bar was only eight years old. The house is 1,389 square feet and was built 10 years after the original building it's associated with, which is currently used as a frame store. 

The building and land was purchased in March 2014 by Columbian developer Carlos Mattos who also purchased Tobacco Road. 

The house was used as rental units until it was cleared out last October and finally was torn down at the beginning of 2015. 

The surrounding buildings including River Oyster Bar and Restaurant are expected to be demolished later this year. 

TBT - Inside The Abandoned Coconut Grove Playhouse - Photos & Video

TBT - Inside The Abandoned Coconut Grove Playhouse - Photos & Video

Built in 1926, and located at the corner of Main Highway and Charles Street, The Coconut Grove Playhouse opened 90 years ago on January 1, 1927, with a D.W. Griffith production of Satan of Sorrows that was attended by over 1,500 people. The building was originally named the Coconut Grove Theatre.

The Coconut Grove Theatre was built by Miami locals Irving J. Thomas and Fin L. Pierce as movie theater for the Paramount Enterprises Chain and the largest in Miami. The theater was designed by architect Richard Kiehnel of Kiehnel and Elliot to resemble a Spanish Rococo Palace in the style of Mediterranean Revival. The building originally had seven stores on the ground level, ten offices on the second floor and the third floor were apartments. It had the latest Wurlitzer pipe organ and had a very modern amenity at the time - air conditioning. 

Before the theater opened, Irving J. Thomas and Fin L. Pierce sold the building to Paramount Enterprises and the theater thrived until the Great Depression of the 1930s hit and attendance dropped significantly. The Coconut Grove Theatre eventually closed in the mid-1930s until it was used to train Air Force Navigators during World War II.

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TBT - Pablo Escobar's Miami Beach House - Photos & Video

TBT -  Pablo Escobar's Miami Beach House - Photos & Video

A pink black tiled house located at 5860 North Bay Road on Miami Beach is set to be demolished on January 19, 2016. The house was once owned by notorious drug kingpin Pablo Escobar who purchased the house on March 21, 1980 for $765,500.

The 7,336 square foot house was built in 1948 and has 4 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms on a lot size of 33,041 square feet. A 2,061 square foot addition was added to the house in 1992.

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Inside The Abandoned Hooters Restaurant At Cocowalk

Hooters Restaurant at Cocowalk

Hooters Restaurant at Cocowalk

As the Eastern portion of Cocowalk began demolition last week to make way for the new 5 story office, One Cocowalk, interior demolition began months before on the Duffy's Sports Grill on the second floor and eventually the Hooters Restaurant on the third floor.

Opening in 2008, Hooters eventually closed in 2012 and sat empty until now.



Inside The Abandoned Babylon Apartments

Unit at Babylon Apartments

Unit at Babylon Apartments

The Babylon Apartments in Brickell located 240 SE 14th Street was approved to be demolished earlier this year and demolition has started as the building has been fenced off.

Built in 1982 and with only 15 apartments, the Babylon Apartments were designed by Arquitectonica as a 5 story building with a folded ziggurat façade. Over the years, the single family homes surrounding the building have been demolished and replaced with high rise condominiums. Plans have not been revealed, but once the Babylon Apartments are demolished another high rise building will most likely rise in its place.

Below are photos and a video of the inside of Babylon Apartments before it was demolished.


Inside The Apartments

Inside The Abandoned El Eden Motel In Brickell

 A Room at the El Eden Motel

 A Room at the El Eden Motel

After being purchased for $18.4 million in January 2017, demolition has now started on the two story El Eden Motel in Brickell.

The El Eden Motel was originally built in 1976 and then expanded in 1990 with the purchase of the North end of the lot for $390,000. 

With 53 rooms, all of the rooms had large mirrors over and in front of the beds. Some rooms even had all the walls and ceilings covered in mirrors. 

Once the motel is completely demolished, a 24 story hotel with 263 rooms will rise, with construction expected to start first quarter 2018. The project will be developed by Tony Cho of Metro 1 and Robert Finvarb of Finvarb Companies. 

The Starlite Motel next door, which sold for $25 million in December 2014 remains open.