Babylon Apartments

Babylon Apartments Site Approved To Go 24 Stories

Babylon Apartments Demolished

Babylon Apartments Demolished

After the 5 story Babylon Apartments was demolished at the beginning of July, The Miami City Commissioners voted last week to allow a new building up to 24 stories on the site.

Despite the building being designated historic by Miami’s Preservation Board in July 2016, Miami Commissioners overruled the vote.

The apartment building, designed by Arquitectonica, sat abandoned for many years before being demolished.

Babylon Apartments In Brickell Demolished

Babylon Apartments Brickell Demolished

Babylon Apartments Brickell Demolished

The 5 story Babylon Apartments in Brickell is being demolished after sitting abandoned for 4 years and years of trying to save the structure.

The Arquitectonica designed building was built in 1982 and held 15 apartments.

Photos and a video of inside the abandoned Babylon Apartments before demolition can be viewed here.

Arquitectonica's Babylon Apartments Set To Be Demolished Before July

Babylon Apartments

The 5 story Babylon Apartments, built in 1982 by design firm Arquitectonica is set to be demolished before July, according to The Biscayne Times.

The building was designated as historic in July 2016 by Miami’s Preservation Board, but Miami City Commissioners overruled the vote by 4-1 to have it demolished in January 2018.

On June 13th, City Commissioners will decide whether the zoning for the site can be increased to 24 stories instead of the current 12 stories.

A video of inside the Babylon Apartments and exterior photos of the building can be viewed here.

Inside The Abandoned Babylon Apartments

Unit at Babylon Apartments

Unit at Babylon Apartments

The Babylon Apartments in Brickell located 240 SE 14th Street was approved to be demolished earlier this year and demolition has started as the building has been fenced off.

Built in 1982 and with only 15 apartments, the Babylon Apartments were designed by Arquitectonica as a 5 story building with a folded ziggurat façade. Over the years, the single family homes surrounding the building have been demolished and replaced with high rise condominiums. Plans have not been revealed, but once the Babylon Apartments are demolished another high rise building will most likely rise in its place.

Below are photos and a video of the inside of Babylon Apartments before it was demolished.


Inside The Apartments

Arquitectonica Designed Babylon Apartments To Be Demolished

Babylon Apartments

Babylon Apartments

Despite being designated by Miami's Preservation Board as a historic structure in July 2016, Miami's City Commissioners overruled by a 4 -1 vote that the Babylon Apartments can be demolished. 

Built in 1982, the Babylon Apartments was Arquitectonica's first designed building with a folded ziggurat façade and only 15 apartments. When is was built, the 5 story building was surrounded by houses that were eventually demolished over the years and replaced with high rises. 

The Babylon Apartments is owned by Francisco “Paco” Martinez Celeiro who will reapply for a demolition permit and tear down the building in the coming months.

Babylon Apartments Designated As Historic

Babylon Apartments Brickell

On Tuesday July 5th, Miami's Preservation Board voted 6-0 to designate the Babylon Apartments as historic despite not meeting the 50 year requirement. 

The Babylon Apartments opened in 1982 and helped launch Miami based architect firm Arquitectonica to world renowned fame. They have since designed buildings such as the American Airlines Arena, Brickell City Centre, Brickell Heights and SLS Lux Brickell.

The property owner, Francisco “Paco” Martinez-Celeiro believes the the building is beyond repair and should be demolished. He plans on appealing the decision. 

Photos of the Babylon Apartments can be viewed here.

Babylon Apartments Safe From Demolition, For Now

Babylon Apartments

Babylon Apartments

Located at 240 SE 14th St in Brickell, the Babylon Apartments was built in 1982 and was Miami architect firm Arquitectonica's first building. 

The building's unique design and façade helped make the structure stand out among the surrounding houses and apartments at the time. The Babylon Apartments are now dwarfed by neighboring high rises, but still add character to Brickell. 

The owner of the building, Francisco “Paco” Martinez Celeiro has been trying to receive demolition permits from the city in order to building a taller building on the site. 

Miami's preservation board has voted to consider the Babylon Apartments as a protected historic landmark despite not being older than 50 years. This has prevented immediate demolition of the building until a more detailed study can be assessed.