TBT - Inside The Abandoned American Legion 29 Building

American Legion Post 29 Building

American Legion Post 29 Building

TBT (September 15, 2016) - 3 years ago the American Legion 29 Building was demolished, but sat empty for months. Construction has started on a 5 story apartment complex on the site.

Late last week, the American Legion Post 29 Building in the Upper Eastside was completely demolished to make way for a new American Legion building and a five story apartment complex

Located at 6445 NE 7th Ave, The American Legion's Harvey Seeds Post 29 building was built in 1966 and named after the first Miami soldier killed in World War I. The building was used for war veterans for events and gatherings. 

In later years, a room in the back of the building was used as a bar called Harvey's By The Bay and the parking lot was used for Thursday's on the Bay Food Truck Roundup

Below are photos of the building before being demolished.

Inside the Building