American Legion Post 29 Building Demolished

American Legion’s Harvey W. Seeds Post 29 Building

American Legion’s Harvey W. Seeds Post 29 Building

The American Legion’s Harvey W. Seeds Post 29 Building located at 6445 NE 7th Avenue on the Upper East Side has been demolished after starting demolition work the past two weeks. 

To the West of the American Legion property between Biscayne Boulevard and NE 7th Ave and bordering Legion Park and NE 64th St are 17 abandoned residences on a 6.45 acre site. These low rise buildings built between 1940 and 1972, were purchased by ACRE GCDM Bay Investment II (Global City Development) for $10.9 million. Residents have left their properties by February 29th of this year and the buildings have been boarded up and abandoned since. 

The 29,281 square foot American Legion building on 3.6 acres was built in 1966 with an addition added in 1975. Although Global City Development does not own this land, they have negotiated a 75 year lease with the American Legion. Global City Development plan on building a new $6 million American Legion building, as well as a five story rental complex with with 237 units. This complex does not include the boat ramp East of the site which belongs to the City of Miami.

Global City Investments have not disclosed what they plan to build on the 6.45 acre site with the abandoned buildings as the second phase in the project, but are able to build between 35 to 81 feet. They may be able to build higher under a Special Area Plan.

Overview of the Property

Abandoned Buildings on the Site