Miami-Dade Commonwealth Building Looking To Add 10 More Floors

Miami-Dade Commonwealth Building

The Miami-Dade Commonwealth Building located at 139 NE 1st Street in Downtown Miami was sold for $9.2 million in November 2015. The 43,265 square foot 7 story building was purchased by Immocorp Capital and Wynwood with plans to restore the building. 

Originally built in 1925 at 17 stories, the Miami-Dade Commonwealth building was badly destroyed in a hurricane in 1926, which reduced the building down to 7 stories after restructuring. 

The developer, now under the name Dream Downtown Miami, wants to restore the façade of the building and add 10 stories for a total of 98,574 square feet that would include a rooftop pool.

The architect on the project is RJ Heisenbottle Architects.