Brickell Heights Nearly Complete - To Receive TCO This Week (Photos)

Brickell Heights

Brickell Heights at Night

Brickell Heights, located at 850 South Miami Avenue, is expected to receive TCO this week on the two towers with closings beginning on floors 10-30 and closings on floors 30 and higher 30 days later.

Groundbreaking on the two towers started in July 2014 and topped out in April 2016. The West Tower has 46 stories and the East Tower has 49 stories and both towers have a rooftop pool that offer spectacular views of the city. With 690 residential units, Brickell Heights is completely sold out. 

Brickell Heights has a 30,000 square foot three story Equinox, which has its own pool and is expected to open between June 1 and June 15th. The gym is completed and the finishing touches are just being added to the lobby on the ground floor. The building also has a SoulCycle, which is expected to open later the Summer.

A mural by artist Fabián Burgos, which started July 2016, extends along the base of the South side of the parking garage and is illuminated at night by lights shining from seven poles at the base of the building.

Construction photos of Brickell Heights since groundbreaking can be viewed here.