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TBT - Park Grove Coming To Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove Bank Will Be Demolished For Park Grove

Coconut Grove Bank Will Be Demolished For Park Grove

TBT (July 29, 2014) - Park Grove was announced as coming to Coconut Grove. The first two towers, The Club Residences and Two Park Grove were completed in October 2018 and the last tower, One Park Grove, recently topped off and is expected to be completed before the end of the year.

Previous construction photos of Park Grove can be viewed here.

Slow to the residential boom of Miami is Coconut Grove, but that is all changing with the addition of Park Grove. 

Developers Terra Group and Related Group are joining together to create three towers that will consist of 300 units. The towers were designed by architect Rem Koolhaas.

Currently in it's place is the Coconut Grove Bank, which has been there for many years. The bank will have a smaller space in one of the towers, but will stay in where it is until the first phase of the project is completed. 

The site is located near Grove at Grand Bay, which was once the site of the iconic Grand Bay Hotel. Across from Park Grove will be the new Regatta Park, which will give residents views of Biscayne Bay. 

Groundbreaking is expected early 2015.

A Look At The Paraiso District Construction Progress

A Look At The Paraiso District Construction Progress

Earlier this week we showed Gran Paraiso, which is close to topping off and One Paraiso, which will be completed by the end of the year. 

In the Paraiso District, Paraiso Bay is nearly complete and is expected to open soon and topped off in July 2016. 

Both cranes have been removed from Paraiso Bayviews since we last looked in March and the tower topped off in May of this year. 

Construction is also underway on Michael Schwartz's new restaurant at the edge of the water in the Paraiso District called Amara at Paraiso. The restaurant will be 4,500 square feet and have seats for 150. Amara at Paraiso is expected to open in November.

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One Paraiso Construction Progress - Photos & Video

One Paraiso Under Construction

One Paraiso Under Construction

Almost a year ago, One Paraiso had just reached the 28th floor of the 53 story condo in Edgewater, Miami and when we last looked in March, the building was about to top off.

One Paraiso is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year, while the last year tower in the Paraiso District, Gran Paraiso, is will soon top off.

Previous construction photos of One Paraiso can be viewed here.


Related Group May Redevelop Olympia Theater And Residential Units

The Related Group may redevelop the Olympia Theater at the Gusman Center for the Performing Arts in Downtown Miami and the buildings 80 residential units, according to Miami Today.

Located at 174 East Flagler Street in Downtown Miami, The Olympia Theater was built in 1926 and designed by John Eberson. After being purchased by Maurice Gusman in 1972, architect Morris Lapidus renovated the theater and the building was donated to the City of Miami. Restorations occurred between 1989 - 1995 on the building by RJ Heisenbottle Architects, with the offices converted in residential units.

The city has $3 million allocated for improvements to the building. 

Gran Paraiso Close To Topping Out

Golden Dusk Photography - Gran Paraiso - Hurricane Irma3.jpg

The last of the four towers in the Paraiso District, Gran Paraiso, is close to topping out at 55 stories.

When we last looked at the entire Paraiso District in March, Gran Paraiso was just past the half way mark of construction. 

During Hurricane Irma, the South crane jib collapsed during the heavy winds and causes the counterweights on the back to fall to the ground. Residents at two next door buildings were asked to evacuate for safety reasons.

When completed, over 1,300 units will be delivered to buyers in the Paraiso District. 

Previous construction photos of Gran Paraiso can be viewed here.

Hyde Midtown Construction Progress Photos

Hyde Midtown

Hyde Midtown

Scheduled to be completed by the end of the year, Hyde Midtown is taking shape as the curves of the building are more visible since we last looked in May. 

At 32 stories, groundbreaking on Hyde Midtown began in September 2015. 

Previous construction photos of Hyde Midtown can be viewed here.

Demolition Begins At Coconut Grove Bank

Coconut Grove Bank Being Demolished

Coconut Grove Bank Being Demolished

As the towers of Park Grove - Two Park Grove and the Club Residences - become closer to completion, the next tower, One Park Grove is will start construction soon with the demolition of the old Coconut Grove Bank.

Built in 1959, the six story Coconut Grove Bank has been replaced by a new building in front of it and renamed Grove Bank & Trust. The new Grove Bank & Trust was completed at the end of March and the pool deck of Park Grove is located on the roof.

Previous photos of the Coconut Grove Bank can be viewed here.