One Paraiso

One Paraiso Construction Progress - Photos & Video

One Paraiso Under Construction

One Paraiso Under Construction

Almost a year ago, One Paraiso had just reached the 28th floor of the 53 story condo in Edgewater, Miami and when we last looked in March, the building was about to top off.

One Paraiso is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year, while the last year tower in the Paraiso District, Gran Paraiso, is will soon top off.

Previous construction photos of One Paraiso can be viewed here.


A Look At The Paraiso Complex - Photos & Video

A Look At The Paraiso Complex - Photos & Video

The 11 acre Paraiso Complex in Edgewater is growing taller as the four buildings - Paraiso Bay, Gran Paraiso, One Paraiso and Paraiso Bayviews continue to top out. 

The 55 story Paraiso Bay topped out in July 2016 and is expected to be completed by this Summer. The 53 story One Paraiso is about to top off and will be completed by the end of the year. Gran Paraiso should top off in the next 3 - 5 months and will be complete by Spring 2018. Gran Paraiso will have 8 bay homes at the base of the building. The last tower, the 44 story Paraiso Bayviews is also close to topping off and will be completed by the end of the year. In total over 1,300 residential units will be delivered to buyers.

Also under construction is the Meyer Davis designed Paraiso Beach Club, which will have a Michael Schwartz Restaurant on the first floor and private residents club on the second floor with a pool. 

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One Paraiso Reaches 28th Floor

One Paraiso at the 28th Floor

One Paraiso at the 28th Floor

The 53 story One Paraiso, part of the Paraiso complex with four condominiums, has reached the 28th floor. 

Located in the Edgewater district of Miami next to Biscayne Bay, the condo will have 276 residential units. 

The windows have been installed on the first 20 floors of the building. One Paraiso should top off by Spring 2017.

Previous construction photos of One Paraiso can be viewed here.

Paraiso Bay About To Top Off - Plus Construction Photos On All Four Towers

Paraiso Bay About To Top Off - Plus Construction Photos On All Four Towers

The four towers within the 10 acre Paraiso Complex - Paraiso Bay, One Paraiso, Gran Paraiso and Paraiso Bayviews in Edgewater are moving along quickly. 

In March, Paraiso Bay reached the 40th floor and is now currently on the 54th floor of the 55 story building and is about to top out.

Workers are in the process of building the 15th floor of One Paraiso, which was on the 9th floor when we last looked in May. The windows are starting to be installed on the lower portions of the building. 

Paraiso Bayviews is about to hit the 13th floor of construction. Ground breaking on the 44 story tower took place in August 2015.

The last of the four towers in the complex to break ground, Gran Paraiso, is currently on the 6th floor. The building will have 317 residential units and buyers include baseball player Alex Rodriguez and DJ David Guetta.

Just in front of Gran Paraiso is the Paraiso Beach Club, a restaurant by Michael Schwartz which also just started construction.

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One Paraiso Reaches 9th Floor

Construction on One Paraiso in the Edgewater district has reached the 9th floor.

The 53 story condominium will have 276 residential units and is located on the edge of Biscayne Bay. 

The building is developed by The Related Group and designed by Arquitectonica. Interior designs are by Piero Lissoni.

Previos construction photos of the Paraiso complex can be viewed here.

Paraiso Construction Updates

Construction at the Paraiso Complex

Construction at the Paraiso Complex

As Paraiso Bay rises taller and is at the 40th floor in the Paraiso complex in Edgewater, the last and final tower - GranParaiso - recently had their groundbreaking.

Paraiso Bayviews is starting to go vertical and is on the 3rd floor of construction.

Previous construction photos can be seen here.

The Transformation Of Edgewater

Completed, Proposed and Under Construction Projects in Edgewater

In the Edgewater district of Miami, just North of Downtown Miami and located next to Biscayne Bay, was full of many early 20th Century homes in the style of classical revival. By the 1990's and early 2000's crime and homelessness was rampant in the area, but has undergone a dramatic change in recent years. 

Recently, many of the mid-rise apartments and single family homes have been torn down and replaced with luxury high-rises on Biscayne Bay. Developers such as The Related Group and Melo Group have built condos in the area and put their stamp on the area that is dramatically changing the Miami skyline.

Condos that have been completed in the past year are Bay House and Icon Bay.  

Condos that are currently under construction in Edgewater are The Crimson, which is nearly complete, Biscayne Beach, 2500 Biscayne, 26 Edgewater and the Paraiso mega project that includes, Paraiso Bay, One Paraiso, Gran Paraiso and Paraiso Bayviews.

Several projects in the Edgewater district have been proposed and are waiting to start construction in the near future. The 57 story Elysee will be the tallest building in Edgewater and has already opened a sales center nearby. 700 Edgewater recently demolished several buildings on a block of waterfront land and plan to reveal soon what they will build on the site. On the Northern section of Edgewater proposed buildings such as Spark Tower and The Bentley Hotel & Residences hope to break ground before the end of the year. An entire block was purchased last year by Miami Sunrise Properties, which includes a Wendy's restaurant on the site that will probably be flipped in the next year or two to a developer. Miami Sunrise Properties has already flipped land in West Brickell and signs indicate they will do the same with the Edgewater land.

Even with new condos popping up in the area, more condos will presumably be on the way as prime land in the area is still available in this desirable part of Miami.