Coconut Grove Playhouse Still Intact After Hurricane Irma - Photos & Video

Coconut Grove Playhouse After Hurricane Irma

Coconut Grove Playhouse After Hurricane Irma

As Hurricane Irma was approaching Miami as a Category 5 Hurricane, the question was whether Miami-Dade County would protect the Coconut Grove Playhouse in some way before the storm. The answer was no. 

Although the eye of Hurricane Irma did not pass through Miami, Coconut Grove still had over 100 mph winds and gust. Severe damage was done to a lot of trees in the area including a storm surge in Peacock Park and along Bayshore Drive.

Built in 1926, the Coconut Grove Playhouse sustained minor visible damage to the exterior of the building. The tree on Charles Avenue next to the Playhouse was knocked down, the blue scaffolding on the side of the building was blown over, and the awning covering was ripped and a few windows knocked out, but overall the building  managed to survive the Hurricane. 

Most of the Coconut Grove Playhouse was approved to be demolished in April with a new 300 seat theater, but only preserving the front "v shaped" structure. An appeal hearing is set for October 26 before Miami's City Commissioners. 

Abandoned since 2006, photos and video of the inside of the Coconut Grove Playhouse can be viewed here.

Exterior Photos