Broadstone Brickell

Broadstone Brickell Nearly Complete

Broadstone Brickell in West Brickell

Broadstone Brickell in West Brickell

After starting construction in April 2015, Broadstone Brickell is almost completed and leasing has begun on the 372 units.

The 24 story apartment in West Brickell is located at 267 SW 11th Street. The 1.9 acre site was purchased for $20 million in November 2014 by Alliance Residential Company. Previously on the site was a two story apartment complex that sat abandoned for almost a year before being torn down and several single family homes.

Units range from studios to 2 bedrooms, with pricing starting at $1,780 up to $3,760 for the townhomes. 

Previous construction photos of Broadstone Brickell since groundbreaking can be viewed here.


Broadstone Brickell Getting Closer To Completion

Broadstone Brickell

Broadstone Brickell

The 24 story Broadstone Brickell in West Brickell is getting closer to completion. 

In March, the building topped out and since that time most of the exterior has been painted in a white and lime green color. Significant work has been done on the parking garage and the amenities deck. 

In September 2015, Broadstone Brickell was just reaching the 7th floor of construction. 

Broadstone Brickell is expected to be open before the end of the year.

Previous construction photos of Broadstone Brickell and the abandoned houses on the site  can be viewed here.


Broadstone Brickell Tops Out

Broadstone Brickell Tops Out

A year ago, construction began on Broadstone Brickell, now the 24 story rental tower in West Brickell has topped out. 

The addition to the building and construction on others in the area is creating a significant transformation to West Brickell over the years

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Broadstone Brickell Reaches 7th Floor

Broadstone Brickell in West Brickell

Broadstone Brickell in West Brickell

Construction on Broadstone Brickell has reached the 7th floor with workers in the process of building the 8th floor. 

The 24 story building is going up pretty quickly since we last checked in. Construction on the parking garage on the North side of the lot is in the process of going vertical. 

Photos of the buildings that were previously on the lot can be seen below.

Crane Installed At Broadstone Brickell

Broadstone Brickell in West Brickell

After starting construction in April of this year, a crane has been added to the site. 

The 24 story building located is West Brickell within close proximity to I-95.

The Transformation Of West Brickell - Part 2

West Brickell

The area West of the Metrorail tracks and East of I-95 in Brickell is typically known as West Brickell and this previous area of houses and low rise condos is continuing to change with new developments. 

Last year we looked at West Brickell and its transformation and many of those buildings under construction such as Vista Grande, City Heights, West Brickell View and City Crossings have been completed. A new wave of condos are being constructed or under development. 

On the Southern end of West Brickell Atton Hotel and Le Parc at Brickell are under construction right next to each other and what used to be low rise apartments. Both of these buildings just recently topped out.

Also currently under construction are SoMa at Brickell, Brickell View Terrance, Brickell Ten and Broadstone Brickell. Before construction began on SoMa at Brickell there was a low rise apartment complex that sat abandoned for many months before it was finally torn down. The 8 story building is almost near completion. On the Broadstone Brickell site, there was also an abandoned apartment complex that was vacant for over a year before it was eventually torn down. This land was originally purchased by Miami Sunrise Properties for $13 million  before being flipped and sold for $20 million to Alliance Residential Company. 

A project that will change the whole look and feel of the area is Miami River. Miami River will be compromised of four 60 story towers that will include residential units, hotel and office space. 

Recent purchases in the area within the past year include Millennium Developments ($16M), Brickell City Rentals ($10.5M), Marathon Lodging ($15.5M) and Optimum USA Brickell 2 ($25M). The purchased site of Marathon Lodging was supposed to be a Walgreens before being sold. For 8 years the site was home to an abandoned car wash. None of these developers have announced what they planned on building on these recently purchased sites. Whatever they plan to build, it will definitely continue to change the look and feel of the area.

Inside The Abandoned Apartments At The Broadstone Brickell Site

Abandoned Apartment in West Brickell

Before construction began at the Broadstone Brickell site, an apartment complex sat abandoned for almost a year before they were torn down recently. 

When the residents vacated, they left behind many belongings, including couches, T.V.'s and clothing. 

Eventually the whole complex was boarded up before the apartments could be vandalized.