Fairmont Hotel

Fairwind Hotel Construction Updates

Construction on the Fairwind Hotel

The Fairwind Hotel is still under construction on Miami Beach since we first looked in October 2014. The hotel located at 1000 Collins Avenue, was purchased in July 2012 by the Chetrit Group for $14.5 million. 

This is what the Fairwind Hotel looked like in 1980 and 2014.

The Fairwind Hotel In 1980 & Now - Before & After

Currently, the Fairwind Hotel is undergoing a renovation and may look slightly different than it did in the top left photo in 1980. The hotel was built in 1936 by famed architect L. Murray Dixon in the classic Art Deco architecture. The building has sat abandoned for a number of years and hopefully the new owners, Chetrit Group, will be able to restore the hotel to its former glory like in the photo below.


Fairwind Hotel Undergoing Renovation

The Fairwind Hotel On South Beach

The Fairwind Hotel On South Beach

Constructed in 1936 by famed architect L. Murry Dixon, The Fairwind Hotel (Originally Fairmont Hotel) is undergoing a renovation after being abandoned for awhile. 

The building was purchased in July 2012 for $14.5 million by Chetrit Group, who are also in the middle of developing the massive Miami River project.

The original redesign of the building called for three additional guest rooms in the back along with an outdoor patio and rooftop decks. 

No word on whether they are keeping with these designs or altering them in any way.

Original Designs