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The Under Construction Megacenter Brickell Taking Shape

Megacenter Brickell Under Construction

The 12 story Megacenter Brickell is starting to take shape after beginning construction September 2018.

Megacenter Brickell will have 74,790 square feet of storage space, 57 residential units, 16,670 square feet of office space, 9,134 square feet of retail and 111 parking spaces.

Megacenter Brickell Under Construction

Megacenter Brickell

Megacenter Brickell

After being proposed in June 2016, Megacenter Brickell in now under construction just West of I-95.

At the 420 SW 7th Street location at 12 story self storage and office space will be built, while the 427 SW 8th Street location will have a 9 story apartment building with 57 units.

Megacenter Brickell Proposed West Of I-95

Megacenter Brickell

Megacenter Brickell

A project called Megacenter Brickell (although located in Little Havana) has been proposed just West of I-95, according to The Next Miami. 

Megacenter Brickell would be located at 420 SW 7th Street and 427 SW 8th Street where there is currently a car wash, apartment building and restaurant. The properties were purchased in 2015 for $7.93 million by Megacenter Brickell LLC.

At the 420 SW 7th Street location, a 12 story building with self storage and office space would be built, while the 427 SW 8th Street site would have a 9 story apartment building with 57 units. 

The project was designed by Borges Architects + Associates.


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