MacArthur Causeway

Miami's Signature Bridge To Be Funded By 2018

Location of the Signature Bridge

Miami Today is reporting that an I-395 bridge will be funded for 2018, although a completed design won't come until January 2015.

Miami commissioners came to an agreement with the State of Florida for the bridge going over Biscayne Boulevard separating Park West and the Arts & Entertainment district. 

The project is estimated to cost between $500 - $600 million and will include 1.4 miles of road.

*Updated* Below are renderings of the two proposed designs via exMiami

Wishbone Design

Lotus Design

Lawsuit Filed To Stop Island Gardens On Watson Island

Site Of Island Gardens on Watson Island

After receiving approval in May, Flagstone has begun doing site work on Watson Island, which includes preparing the area for a marina to dock mega yachts. However, Flagstone has not given a timeframe when they plan to start the rest of the project.

Two Miami residents are suing to block the project according to the Miami Herald. They argue that the city approved to lease the site at $2 million a year based on the original agreement in 2001 and Flagstone should not have to pay that amount. Over time, the lease for the site should be valued at over $ 7 million a year based on 2014 estimates. 

The residents want new bids for the site and the existing contract thrown out.

Port Miami Tunnel Opens To Public

Entrance to Port Miami Tunnel

Entrance to Port Miami Tunnel

The PortMiami Tunnel officially opened on Sunday at 10am after over two months in delays. The contractor Bouygues was fined $115,000 everyday that the tunnel was not opened and the fines reached almost $9 million.

The tunnel will help alleviate some of the traffic in Downtown Miami by reducing the amount of trucks going through the city. The trucks can now continue to the MacArthur Causeway and into the tunnel. 

The mile long tunnel cost over $1 billion and has two lanes each way going towards the Port of Miami and back towards MacArthur Causeway.