A Tunnel For Brickell?

At Miami's Downtown Development Authority meeting last week the issue was raised whether it was feasible to build a tunnel connecting Brickell and Downtown Miami, according to Miami Today.

A study was looked at in 2006, but since the span of 10 years the growth of Brickell and Downtown Miami has changed drastically bringing heavier traffic. The bridge is consistently open during rush hour times in the morning and evenings, which increases traffic and causes people honking their horns in their cars. Construction and new development in the area is only increasing in the next 3-5 years and traffic will continually get worse. 

Study to put a tunnel under the Miami River will take a year.

A Ride Along The Miami Metromover - The Omni Loop

We previously took a ride along the Miami Metromover featuring The Brickell Loop. Now take a look at the Omni Loop, which starts in the Arts & Entertainment district and goes through Downtown Miami. The Metomover is a great way to explore and see the city and best of all - it's free!

Miami To Start Charging For Metromover

According to Miami Today, a Miami-Dade commission committee has approved a plan that will start charging for the currently free metromover. The metromover provides frees transportation through Brickell, Downtown Miami and the Omni District.

There was talk of charging $1 to ride the metromover, but no word on what the new charges would be. It would cost the city $475,000 a year to upkeep a fare collecting system.

Fewer Lanes For Biscayne Boulevard?

Biscayne Green is looking to make Biscayne Boulevard from NE 8th St. to Biscayne Boulevard Way, according to Miami Today.

The plan would decrease the lanes from eight lanes to either six or four and increase the sidewalks with a dedicated bicycle lane. The parking spaces will go from 388 to 187.

The goal is to create a grand promenade, but first the Florida Department of Transportation has to agree to reduce the lanes.

A Ride Along The Metromover - The Brickell Loop Time-lapse

The metromover is a free transit system in Downtown Miami that connects the Brickell, Park West and Omni neighborhoods. It opened in 1986 with the Brickell Loop opening in 1994. The stations are easily assessable and the metromover provides an excellent way for exploring Downtown Miami.

Port Miami Tunnel Opens To Public

Entrance to Port Miami Tunnel

Entrance to Port Miami Tunnel

The PortMiami Tunnel officially opened on Sunday at 10am after over two months in delays. The contractor Bouygues was fined $115,000 everyday that the tunnel was not opened and the fines reached almost $9 million.

The tunnel will help alleviate some of the traffic in Downtown Miami by reducing the amount of trucks going through the city. The trucks can now continue to the MacArthur Causeway and into the tunnel. 

The mile long tunnel cost over $1 billion and has two lanes each way going towards the Port of Miami and back towards MacArthur Causeway.

PortMiami Tunnel To Remain Closed For Another Month

Inside the PortMiami Tunnel

A month since the ceremonial dedication, the $1 billion PortMiami Tunnel will not be open for traffic for at least another four to six weeks due to a leaky pipe system and two fans that stopped working, which control the tunnel's ventilation according to the Miami Herald. 

The French contractor Bouygues is being fined $115,000 every day that the tunnel is closed and has already climbed to $3 million. If the tunnel does not open until the end of July that total will jump to $8 million. 

Photos of the PortMiami Tunnel at night can be seen here.