Park West

One Thousand Museum Construction Updates

One Thousand Museum

One Thousand Museum

One Thousand Museum is starting to grow taller since we last looked at the site in January. 

The amenities deck is now visible and the tower has reached the 11th floor. The exoskeleton is more visible as construction continues. 

Previous construction photos can be viewed here.

A Ride Along The Miami Metromover - The Omni Loop

We previously took a ride along the Miami Metromover featuring The Brickell Loop. Now take a look at the Omni Loop, which starts in the Arts & Entertainment district and goes through Downtown Miami. The Metomover is a great way to explore and see the city and best of all - it's free!

One Thousand Museum Reaches 5th Floor

One Thousand Museum Reaches 5th Floor

After starting groundbreaking in December 2014 and having the concrete pour in August 2015, One Thousand Museum is on its way going vertical and has reached the 5th floor of construction. The base of the exoskeleton is starting to take shape and is visible.

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1000 Museum Getting Ready For Concrete Pour

1000 Museum Towards Biscayne Bay

Over in the Park West District of Miami, 1000 Museum is getting ready for the concrete pour on the site. The base of two cranes have been installed and should go up very soon. 

According to Curbed Miami, new renderings show that 1000 Museum will not have an underwater glass wall rooftop pool anymore.

A previous look at the site can be seen here.


A Ride Along The Metromover - The Brickell Loop Time-lapse

The metromover is a free transit system in Downtown Miami that connects the Brickell, Park West and Omni neighborhoods. It opened in 1986 with the Brickell Loop opening in 1994. The stations are easily assessable and the metromover provides an excellent way for exploring Downtown Miami.