Washington Squared

Washington Squared Has Topped Off In Miami Beach

Washington Squared Miami Beach

Washington Squared Miami Beach

Since going vertical in August 2018, Washington Squared has topped off in Miami Beach at 7 stories.

The assemblage between 6th and 7th street on Washington Avenue will have 312 hotel rooms, 46,849 square feet of retail space and 258 parking spaces.

Washington Squared was designed by Morris Adjmi Architects.

6th & Washington Site In Miami Beach Going Vertical

6th & Washington

6th & Washington

A hotel and retail building located in South Beach at 6th & Washington is now going vertical. 

The assemblage spanning an entire block between 6th and 7th Street was acquired over 12 months between June 2014 and July 2015 for $32.75 million by Washington Squared LLC.

The hotel will have 312 rooms, 46,849 square feet of retail and a parking garage with 258 spaces. 

Previously on the site was a 1 story building built in 1934 and designed by architect E.L. Robertson. On the corner of 7th and Washington was Friedman's Bakery, which was used to test a new color pallet that would kick off the the Art Deco preservation in Miami Beach. The façade of the building is being saved as part of the new design and construction. 


Construction Photos

Building Before Construction

Friedman's Bakery