Paramount Miami Worldcenter Reaches 19th Floor - Photos & Video

Paramount Miami Worldcenter

Paramount Miami Worldcenter

The 60 story Paramount Miami Worldcenter in Downtown Miami is steadily rising as it reaches the 19th floor after starting to go vertical in November 2016.

Glass is already starting to be installed on the building and the open air mall on the East side of the lot has already started going vertical. 

With 513 residential units, Paramount Miami Worldcenter is expected to be completed in 2018.

Previous construction photos of Paramount Miami Worldcenter can be viewed here.

Demolition Begins At Coconut Grove Bank

Coconut Grove Bank Being Demolished

Coconut Grove Bank Being Demolished

As the towers of Park Grove - Two Park Grove and the Club Residences - become closer to completion, the next tower, One Park Grove is will start construction soon with the demolition of the old Coconut Grove Bank.

Built in 1959, the six story Coconut Grove Bank has been replaced by a new building in front of it and renamed Grove Bank & Trust. The new Grove Bank & Trust was completed at the end of March and the pool deck of Park Grove is located on the roof.

Previous photos of the Coconut Grove Bank can be viewed here.

One Thousand Museum Surpasses Ten Museum In Height (Photos & Video)

One Thousand Museum Rising

One Thousand Museum Rising

When we previously looked at One Thousand Museum in May, the building was on the 38th floor of construction. One Thousand Museum has reached over 539 feet in height and is now above the neighboring building Ten Museum at 51 stories.

In the next couple of months, One Thousand Museum should be above 900 Biscayne in height and on its way to its final height of 706 feet by the end of the year.

Two years ago, the site was getting ready for its concrete pour.

Previous construction photos of One Thousand Museum can be viewed here.

Office in the Grove To Have Hearing For Historic Designation

Office in the Grove

In October 2016, a demolition permit was filed for the Office in the Grove located at 2669 S. Bayshore Drive in Coconut Grove, which was purchased by Mast Capital in April 2014 for $29.5 million.

The nine story hexagon office tower was built in 1972 and was designed by architect Kenneth Treister who also designed the Shoppes at Mayfair in Coconut Grove. The Office in the Grove has a landscape berm, which was meant to hide the parking and have the first three floors open.

The non-profit group Docomomo / US Florida  applied to the City of Miami Historic and Environmental Preservation Board to declare the building historic and prevent it from demolition. The date is set for Tuesday, September 5th. Hearing starts at 3 p.m. at Miami City Hall, 3500 Pan American Dr., Miami, FL 33133.

The Big Bubble has photos of inside the building before it was renovated.

This Was Coconut Grove's Main Hwy In the 80s - Before & After

The photo on the top left was Coconut Grove along Main Highway in the 1980s. The old Coconut Grove Bank can be seen on the left. Down the street old buildings are where the current mall Cocowalk now stands. The photo on the right is what Coconut Grove looks like today, with the trees providing shade over the buildings and sidewalks. Cocowalk can be seen at the end of the street and will soon undergo a major demolition and renovation.

TSG Group Purchases Brickell Site For $32M

TSG Group Site in Red

TSG Group Site in Red

TSG Group has paid $31.75 million for a site in Brickell located at 1399 SW 1st Avenue on the East side of Infinity condo, according to The Real Deal. 

Currently on the site is the building Consulate General of Mexico that was built in 1979.

The site is zoned for 500 residential units or 1,000 hotel keys.

Canvas Condo Tops Off At 37 Stories

Canvas Condo has topped off in the Arts & Entertainment district of Miami at 37 stories. 

Construction on the tower started going vertical in July 2016.

Prices range from $390,000 to $654,000 and 620 to 1,110 square feet. Amenities include a sunrise/sunset pool, yoga rooms, gym and spa/sauna rooms.

Previous construction photos of Canvas Condo can be viewed here.