Before and After

TBT - This Was Brickell In 1967 - Before & After

Brickell In 1967 (Photo via Allen Morris Co.)

Brickell Today In 2014

TBT (August 28, 2014) - The photo on the top right is what Brickell used to look like in 5 years ago in 2014. Since that time in the same view, Panorama Tower has been built and 1010 Brickell has been built in the parking garage at the bottom. The current spot where the photo is taken is where Brickell Flatiron is currently being completed.

Brickell has changed dramatically since the photo in the top left was taken in 1967. What was once a barren area filled with small houses and low rise apartment buildings has changed into a growing metropolis with many high rises. 

The building on 1000 Brickell remains today, but was once one of the tallest buildings in Brickell and is now dwarfed by the buildings surrounding it. Brickell Key was still just an overgrown island that would not see development until the 1970's and the Four Ambassadors building was just opened. 

TBT - Ocean Drive, South Beach in 1980 - Before & After

TBT (April 23, 2015) - Ocean Drive 39 years ago was very quiet compared to Ocean Drive in 2015. A CVS has now opened at 728 Ocean Drive and where Scarface was filmed.

The photo on the top left is what Ocean Drive looked liked in 1980. South Beach was a quiet area were many retirees lived including the buildings in the photos. The Art Deco buildings were falling into disrepair and the public was calling on the city to demolish them. Fast forward 35 years later and Ocean Drive is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet. The Art Deco buildings were saved and Ocean Drive is now lined with restaurants and palm trees. 

TBT - This Was Miami Beach in 1927 - Before & After

The photo on the top left is what Miami Beach looked like in 1927, just one year after the hurricane in 1926 that caused major devastation in the Miami area. Notable streets such as Ocean Drive, Collins Avenue, Washington Avenue and 5th Street are plainly visible with not much development at this point. Fast forward 90 years later and the area has changed dramatically. High rises have gone up along West Avenue and the beach has expanded.

This Was Coconut Grove's Main Hwy In the 80s - Before & After

The photo on the top left was Coconut Grove along Main Highway in the 1980s. The old Coconut Grove Bank can be seen on the left. Down the street old buildings are where the current mall Cocowalk now stands. The photo on the right is what Coconut Grove looks like today, with the trees providing shade over the buildings and sidewalks. Cocowalk can be seen at the end of the street and will soon undergo a major demolition and renovation.

This Was Brickell Key In 1985 - Before & After

The photo on the left is what Brickell Key looked like in 1985 and on the far right you can see the Miami Tower under construction. In 1975 the island was completely empty and barren after developing from dredging of the Miami River. By 1985 one condo had been built on Brickell Key and the Brickell skyline was becoming lined with condos. By 1999, the island had grown even more with more condos, but the Mandarin Oriental was not built yet. The photo on the top right is what Brickell Key and Downtown Miami look like today. Brickell Key is almost fully developed and the Brickell skyline is no longer visible except for the Four Seasons and Icon Brickell. 

This Was Downtown Miami In 1984 - Before & After

The photo on the top left is Miami and the Miami River in 1984. At the bottom of the photo is the James L. Knight convention center which was built in 1982. On the right of the photo is the Centrust Tower (Miami Tower) under construction. Fast forward to 2017 and new condos have been built along the river such as Miami, Ivy and the Wind on the North bank and The Latitude and Neo Vertika on the North side in Brickell. Also built in that time is the metromover, which now extends over the Miami River into Downtown Miami.

Before The Marquis Miami There Was The Howard Johnson

Located at 1100 Biscayne Boulevard, the Marquis Miami is a 63 story condominium in Downtown Miami that was previously a Howard Johnson Hotel. Originally built in 1938 as a Howard Johnson restaurant and the first in Florida, the building would remain until 1963. It was demolished to make way for a new 7 story Howard Johnson Hotel with a mid-century modern look and a rare amenity at the time - a rooftop pool. The new hotel thrived due to its location on Biscayne Boulevard and the quick access to I-395 in Miami Beach, but by 2004 the hotel was renamed the Port of Miami Hotel. In 1999, the 44,240 square foot lot and property was purchased by Pelican Hotel LLC, which was a company under New York developer Shaya Boymelgreen, for $5,750,000. By August 14, 2005, the old Howard Johnson Hotel was demolished and construction began on the Marquis Miami and would eventually be completed by 2009. It would once call home to singer Drake and NBA player Mario Chalmers.