Miami Tower

This Was Downtown Miami In 1988 - Before & After

This photo on the above left is what Downtown Miami looked like in 1988. The Miami Tower and Southeast Financial Center loom over the other buildings including the Miami Center and One Biscayne Tower. The updated photo on the right shows Miami today with new built skyscrapers including Reach Brickell City Centre, the Wells Fargo Building and 50 Biscayne. 

Miami Tower Sold For $220M

The Lights of The Miami Tower

The iconic Miami Tower has sold for $220 million, according to The Real Deal.

The 47 story tower was built in 1987 and was designed by architect I.M. Pei. It is famous for its changing lights, which can be seen for miles in Miami. While under construction in 1984, the building caught fire on the ninth floor, which delayed work for weeks. 

Originally called CenTrust Tower, the building has been featured in Miami Vice, both the T.V. show and movie, and Gloria Estefan even filmed a music video on the rooftop

I&G Miami LLC purchased the 618,990 square foot building in 2010 for $105.5 million before it was bought by an affiliate of Sumitomo Corporation of America. 

This Was Downtown Miami & Brickell Key In 1999 - Before & After

The top left photo is what Brickell, Brickell Key and Downtown Miami looked like in 1999. Development has increased during those 17 years and the density is very apparent. The South tip of Brickell Key was covered in trees before the Mandarin Oriental was built in 2000. The Miami Tower was one of the tallest buildings and could be seen for miles away, but is now hidden by surrounding towers.

This Was Downtown Miami In 1989 - Before & After

One of the most iconic views of Miami has not changed much since 1989 compared to other parts of the city. The two towers of One Miami was built behind the The Intercontinental Hotel in the early 2000's. The once bland looking Intercontinental Hotel now features new lighting on the exterior of the building that features a dancing lady that can be seen from miles away.

The Was Brickell & Downtown Miami In 1995 - Before & After

Before Brickell was under construction with skyscrapers, much of the area was just empty lots or low rise office buildings. The DuPont Plaza hotel was still standing on the edge of the Miami River. The Miami Tower and Southeast Financial Center were still visible and the tallest buildings in the area. The Metromover was constructed in 1986, but was extended into Brickell in 1994, creating the Brickell Loop, which can be seen in the 1995 photo.

Fast forward to Brickell and Downtown Miami in 2013 and the Brickell Loop Metromover is still visible, but Brickell on the River, the Wells Fargo building, MyBrickell, 500 Brickell and Brickell World Plaza have risen behind it. The lot where Brickell Tennis Club was once located has been torn down and construction on Reach Brickell City Centre has begun.

In the 2014 photo, Brickell City Centre continues to grow taller and many cranes are prominent in the view. MyBrickell has been completed at this point.

In the 2015 photo, Brickell City Centre is still under construction and rising higher than the surroundings buildings. The Miami Tower is still visible with construction on Centro Tower behind it.

The Transformation Of Brickell Over Three Years

The Transformation Of Brickell Over Three Years

Over the span of three years the skyline and neighborhood of Brickell has changed dramatically. With the addition of Brickell City CentreBrickell HeightsBrickell House1100 Millecento and many other condos, the area has grown from empty lots to sky high towers surrounding the land just South of the Miami River. 

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Brickell Tennis Club Demolition At Night

Brickell Tennis Club at Night

Brickell Tennis Club at Night

Previously, we showed what the Brickell Tennis Club looked like under demolition during the day. Now, here are photos of what  it looked like at night. 

The Tennis Club was surrounded by the condos of Brickell and had an incredible view of the Miami Tower and Brickell World Plaza lit up at night.

The Tennis Club was torn down to make way for Swire Properties' Brickell City Centre, which is currently under construction.