Bayside Marina

This Was Bayside Marina In 1990 - Before & After

Bayside Marketplace was completed in Bayfront Park in 1987 with a marina. The marina and marketplace has become a popular tourist spot with its vicinity to the American Airlines Arena. Bayside Marketplace will undergo renovations and expansion in the near future.

Bayside Marketplace Renovations To Start Early 2015

Bayside Marketplace

According to Miami Today, Bayside Marketplace will undergo the first phase of renovations in early 2015 that will take eight months.

In August, voters approved to extend the lease for 99 years and require that Bayside Marketplace spend up to $35 million on renovations on the aging outdoor mall. Included in the agreement was the go ahead to allow SkyRise Miami to be built on land next to the Marina.

SkyRise Miami Releases Lobby Renderings

SkyRise Miami Lobby Rendering

SkyRise Miami Lobby Rendering

Since getting voter approval in August, SkyRise Miami has released renderings of the lobby/entrance of the observation tower.

The renderings designed by Blitstein Design Associates show a red wavy ceiling with a separate entrance and lobby for VIP. 

SkyRise Miami Gets Voter Approval

SkyRise Miami Rendering

SkyRise Miami Rendering

After the votes on Tuesday, voters have approved the go ahead for SkyRise Miami on the edge of Bayside Marketplace.

As part of the votes, developer Jeff Berkowitz must pay the city of Miami $10 million as part of the long term lease agreement. 

SkyRise Miami will have an observation deck, restaurants, ballroom, nightclub and a sky plunge ride and drop.

Construction is expected to be completed by 2018.

SkyRise Miami Receives Commissioner Approval But Heads For Voter Referendum

SkyRise Miami Rendering

After starting preliminary construction to beat a June 12 deadline that would enable SkyRise Miami to build to 990 feet, Miami Commissioners approved a deal that would allow the structure to be built. 

However, there will be an August 26 referendum that give the people the right to vote on the project.

SkyRise developer Jeff Berkowitz will pay the city of Miami $1 million in rent for use of the space and parking. 

SkyRise Miami is expected to be completed in 2017.

SkyRise Miami Construction Photos

SkyRise Miami Construction

SkyRise Miami Construction

Last week construction started on SkyRise Miami, which began in order to beat a June 12 deadline that would enable them to build to 990 feet. 

However, a referendum will still need to be approved by voters that would be held in either August or November.

ExMiami reports that Gov. Rick Scott vetoed $2 million in state funding for the project.

Below are construction photos thus far.