Demolition Begins At Smart Brickell Site

 Smart Brickell Rendering

Smart Brickell Rendering

Demolition has started on the three tower Smart Brickell Tower in West Brickell located at 229 SW 9th Street.

Currently being demolished are low rise apartment buildings and a house that were built between 1925 and 1972.

Habitat Group purchased the 1.23 acre site in June 2017 for $21.6 million.

Smart Brickell will have 170 condos, 150 hotel rooms and 30,000 square feet of retail space, including a spa, sky bar and café.

Groundbreaking is expected early 2019 with completion in 2020.

TBT - Photos Of Tobacco Road Miami Before Demolition

 Inside Tobacco Road Before Demolition

Inside Tobacco Road Before Demolition

TBT (November 18, 2014) - After the final call and closing of Tobacco Road on October 25, 2014 after 102 years, demolition of the inside of the building began shortly after. Many of the memorabilia in the bar, including the neon sign, dade county pine wood used on the bar, many of the posters and signs were saved before the building eventually was torn down.

On October 25, 2014, Tobacco Road had its final last call and closed its location at 626 South Miami Avenue for good after 102 years. 

Shortly after, employees began removing items from the bar such as framed photos, the 40 foot bar and the famous neon sign into storage. 

General Manager of Tobacco Road, Joel Rivera, is trying to relocate Tobacco Road across the lot into a new space, but needs $50,000 to do this. Rivera and employees are trying to raise the money through kickstarter and have only December 2 to do this. Any money donated will help save Tobacco Road and keep the memories going in a new location.

Below are photos of Tobacco Road before demolition began and after items were removed from the bar.

For photos of the bar during operation click here. For a video look of Tobacco Road click here.

Cocowalk Completely Demolished - Construction To Begin Soon On One Cocowalk

 Cocowalk in Coconut Grove

Cocowalk in Coconut Grove

After starting demolition in May, the Eastern building of Cocowalk is completely torn down, including the main rotunda that used to be in the middle.

The Eastern building is where there used to be a Hooters Restaurant on the third floor and a Duffy’s Sports Grill on the second floor.

Soon to rise will be One Cocowalk, a 5 story class A office building with 73,000 square feet of space.

Previous Cocowalk demolition photos can be viewed here.

Going, Going, Almost Gone - Cocowalk Demolition Photos

 Cocowalk Demoliton

Cocowalk Demoliton

After being halfway through demolition on the Eastern portion of Cocowalk earlier in the month, the entire structure is almost down now and should be completely torn down by next week.

Demolition has also started on the main rotunda in the center of Cocowalk where there used to be a Fat Tuesday's and Starbucks.

Initial demolition began on the Eastern portion of Cocowalk in May to make way for the 5 story Class A office building One Cocowalk.

Cocowalk Demolition Photo Updates

 Cocowalk Demolition

Cocowalk Demolition

The Eastern portion of Cocowalk is nearly halfway demolished since demolition began in May and front part of the building started coming down in July. Replacing that section of Cocowalk will be the 5 story Class A office building One Cocowalk.

The last remaining store in the main rotunda, Starbucks, has since been closed and moved across the street. The main rotunda has been fenced off and will be demolished soon to make way for an open courtyard.

A Look At The Cocowalk Demolition

 Cocowalk Demolition

Cocowalk Demolition

Demolition on the Eastern side of Cocowalk began in May of this year and the three stories are getting close to being completely gone.

On the third level was a Hooters Restaurant that was abandoned for several years, and a Duffy's Sport Grill that was recently gutted in April. 

A Class A 5 story office building with 73,000 square feet will rise in its place with construction to be completed by the end of 2019.

The main rotunda at Cocowalk where there is currently a Starbucks is expected to be demolished by the end of the Summer to make way for an open courtyard.

A Look At The Soon To Be Demolished Main Rotunda At Cocowalk

 Main Rotunda At Cocowalk

Main Rotunda At Cocowalk

The Eastern portion of Cocowalk has begun demolition, where there used to be a Duffys Sport Grill and an abandoned Hooters Restaurant, to make way for a new 5 story class a office called One Cocowalk. The main rotunda, where the second level held a Fat Tuesdays is closed off and will eventually be demolished to create an open courtyard.

Cocowalk was purchased for $87.5 million in May 2015. The new Cocowalk was designed by Beame Architectural Partnership and Foreseer.